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July 1st - 10am - Iroquois Beach

Current Officers

President: Eric Grieb

Vice President: John Jay

Secretary: Betsy Challingsworth

Treasurer: Renee Knipp

Video Credit: Ryan Himes

History of Konneyaut Knolls

Conneaut Lake is Pennsylvania's largest natural lake, it covers approximately 945 acres, and in several places, the water is over 60 feet deep. The lake and surrounding areas are deep in history, dating from the time American Indians populated the area, and Abner Evans named the town situated at the south end of the lake Evansburg, until the present. Did you know that the lake had been 10 feet higher at a point in time? If you want to know more of the history of the area and lake, please check the tab to the left.


Conneaut Knolls Plan of Lots was recorded on May 13,1933 with the Crawford County Recorders Office. There are over 400 individual parcels located within our boundaries. There are currently 5 property owners access' in the plan for use by property owners who do not own lakefront property. There is a launching ramp located at the Mosquito Point access that property owners are permitted to use. Mosquito Point is the largest access and is shown in a photo from the 1940's, which is at the top of this page. The second photo is also from years past, and shows Ice House Bay, which has also called Seneca Bay, Seneca Basin and Mastodon Bay, because bones from an ancient mastodon were alledgely found there. This bay is the generally southern boundary of the Knolls allottment. Mosquito Point was also a steamer stop in the days before automobiles were popular, a person would make arrangements with one of the steamers to be picked up at "the point" and ferreyed around the lake. This practice lasted up to the late 1970's when the ferry's were then primarily used for rides around the lake. The remains of the steamer stop is still present in the concrete slab at Mosquito Point.


Please look at the various links that tell more about the Association, the area, various photographs both new and old of Conneaut Lake, and important information for persons considering purchasing property in the Knolls.
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